Zuroff Law Offices, PC, in Needham, Massachusetts, provides focused representation in the areas of business law, contracts and real estate. We partner with our clients to provide the best possible representation that suits each individual case.

At our firm, we want our clients to be as pleased with the process as they are with the results. This is why we draw upon our extensive legal experience on various levels, as it allows us to effectively represent our clients.

About Our Attorney

Attorney Mark Zuroff has been practicing in Massachusetts since 1976. He takes tremendous pride in being very accessible to clients and in being an effective communicator, using his experience and knowledge to work through even the most complex legal problems. ln addition to dedicating his entire career to real estate and business matters, Mr. Zuroff is also certified as a Land Court Title examiner. He also is a member and ambassador of the Newton/Needham Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Brookline Zoning Board of Appeals.

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